Some things can’t be taught.  While Becca’s extensive experience in politics is more than impressive, her innate political instinct is what allows her to not only see, but deeply understand the bigger picture.  Her capacity to navigate minutia while never losing sight of the finish line has garnered her significant success as a political strategist.  From working on presidential campaigns, to getting criminal justice reform passed in California with Prop 47, to running the Virginia state party, Becca’s track record speaks for itself.

A member of the D.C. bar, Becca’s savvy doesn’t stop in Washington.  She has brokered deals for professional athletes, overseen multimillion dollar grant proposals for non-profits, and managed rising country stars.  Her infectious positivity and competency have facilitated an invaluable network of high profile contacts, ranging from senators and governors, to Hollywood execs and major labels. 

The diversity of Becca’s talents culminated in the conception and founding of Sogonex (Social Good Nexus,) a full service consulting firm bridging the gap between politics, the arts, and social impact. 

An avid Hokie football fan, Becca currently lives in Nashville, TN where she enjoys taking her rescue dog Mr. Smoochy Pants on long walks – tackling the world's problems one phone conversation at a time.


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As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes it really is all about the Benjamins.  That’s why Grant runs the Sogonex fundraising program – he doesn’t disappoint.  An expert in traditional fundraising tactics, he brings tried and true methods to the future by capitalizing on the ever advancing technological resources at our disposal.  To Grant, a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks, whether it comes from a strategic donor call, a fundraising event, or a bunch of small individual online donations.

Grant uses targeted list growth and applied meta data to improve donor reach in real time for clients taking advantage of the Sogonex digital fundraising platform.  With over a decade of experience under his belt, he has successfully raised millions of dollars for Democratic candidates in the South.  Prominent judges, senators, and state parties have all turned to Grant’s expertise when they needed to raise money fast and effectively. 

Having designed and executed financial plans for over fifty campaigns and organizations, Grant draws upon a wealth of hands-on knowledge and experience.  He looks at the whole picture, developing a strategy catered to each client from the ground up with realistic benchmarks and goals.  Grant currently splits his time between D.C. and Louisiana.



At Sogonex we believe that words matter.  Isaac approaches language as an art, utilizing unique skillsets developed from simultaneous careers in music and communications.  His ability to capture a client’s voice sets him apart in both the songwriting and political spheres.  Whether it’s an email going out for digital fundraising, a campaign announcement speech for a gubernatorial candidate, or just a song about an old beat up Chevy, Isaac takes the time to make sure there is flow and purpose with every sentence. 

Isaac has served as communications director for national nonprofits and several political campaigns.  Op-Eds penned by him have been shared over 100,000 times on social media.  He has written songs with multiple Grammy winning songwriters and had songs recorded by international popstars and country personalities.  He served as musical director and apprentice to a Tony award winning and critically acclaimed playwright.  His ability to tackle sensitive topics such as racism, terrorism  and mass violence with respect and gravitas led to him being a trusted ghostwriter for several of our clients when the content matters most. 

Isaac is also a conservatory trained jazz pianist who has toured both nationally and internationally.  He loves to cook, and currently lives with his wife and rescue pup in Nashville, Tn.